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The Cat, The Fence, and Beyond

There is a scene I keep replaying in my head. I see it on an 18” antiquated television. Queue excited orchestral rising-fast-paced music. See the black and white picture of a cartoon cat running like crazy across the screen, sweat … Continue reading

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Why Exactly Are We Doing This?

One day, about thirty-five years ago, the following happened at our seven year old computer services business.  At the time, we employed 75 people, working out of two floors of an old office building in downtown Seattle.  We were successful, … Continue reading

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“You promised.  You told me that if we talked, I would learn the secret to business.  Well, we’ve been talking for a long, long time!  A hell of a long time!  So tell me now, because, as you know, I’m … Continue reading

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the BIG picture

At Starbucks She said: “What do you want for your 60th birthday?” He said: “Oh gosh, don’t ask, I’m trying not to think about that.” “Well, I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I didn’t get you something.” “Okay, … Continue reading

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