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Mind the Gap!

I love the way the Brits express themselves.  Mind the Gap… the most important thing you should be thinking about when you are getting on or off the Tube (the subway)!  This sign couldn’t be more clear, concise, or evocative.  … Continue reading

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Inflection Point

A meeting room, forty people in attendance: “Good Morning… um.  I want to… um let me see here, oh, yes, I just want to say how delighted I… um am to be here today.” Long silence…. @Audience1 tweets:  “Really? I … Continue reading

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Early Morning Lessons

John Medina PhD, author of Brain Rules, tells us that our bodies (including our brains) are built to live out in the great open plains, the savannah, and because of this, our bodies work best by moving, moving quite a … Continue reading

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Messages from a Friend

Last week I put my iPhone, my iPad, my Mac Book Air into a white plastic screening bin at the airport.  There we go, I thought, three thousand dollars of stuff!  Then, an even more sobering idea smacked me on … Continue reading

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Self Help (or Lost in the Hub)

                  I am pushed, no carried along by the throng, hundreds of people in a hurry, voices shouting over the hear-it-everywhere-except-where-you-need-to-hear-it sound system, when I suddenly realize that I have 90 minutes before … Continue reading

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