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Beaver Time Retreat

On Sunday I am departing for a nine day retreat, mainly a silent one of meditation and reflection.  One of the requirements is that we turn off all electronics for the entire retreat. What time is it when all the … Continue reading

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James the Great (Abuser)

Not a happy story…  Here he is! Crossing toward center stage, a spotlight struggling to keep up, he takes long energetic strides, long strides for a short man, long for a short plump Seville Row be-suited man, an older, plump … Continue reading

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Messages from a Friend

Last week I put my iPhone, my iPad, my Mac Book Air into a white plastic screening bin at the airport.  There we go, I thought, three thousand dollars of stuff!  Then, an even more sobering idea smacked me on … Continue reading

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Soft Skills

I have been speaking to CEO groups for many years, usually about the role of the CEO.  When my main presentation is over, the program usually concludes with a question time.  Inevitably well-meaning and usually overworked executives query me about … Continue reading

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