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I Won’t Shoot My Uncle!

Source: strangeoldpictures.com “I won’t shoot my uncle.” “I get it, John – how are you by the way?” At his second coaching session John Jr. the forty-one year old COO of a family business drew the line.  “I won’t shoot … Continue reading

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Beginnings and Endings

“In the beginning….” People of Christian tradition know the words.  Just say “In the beginning” out loud and others join in around you with “God created the heavens and the earth….” These are the opening lines of the Christian creation … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap!

I love the way the Brits express themselves.  Mind the Gap… the most important thing you should be thinking about when you are getting on or off the Tube (the subway)!  This sign couldn’t be more clear, concise, or evocative.  … Continue reading

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Nikolas Makes Something out of Nothing (Part 1 of 2)

“Break year, you must be kidding, Nikolas, tell me you are kidding!” “Mom, no, I’m not kidding, I want to take a break year, lots of kids….” “Not until you finish twelfth grade, and not until you finish your university … Continue reading

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A Very Busy (and important) Executive

In the hallway, on the way to an important meeting, Jack was intercepted by his assistant Tom who said… “Here’s the marketing department summary you asked for… I have to warn you, that group is a mess!” Jack reads the … Continue reading

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