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The Path

The Fork (In the Road) A Choice 10,000 Hours – Really? That first day on the job, Marilyn sat at her desk, a cubicle in the northern half of the 11th floor of a 22 story office building.  Sunlight poured … Continue reading

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Scalability… is that a real word?

She had a great idea, and unlike so many dreamers, she knew how to make the idea work and acted.  Designer fabrics, specially developed, specially packaged, colorful, a catchy Marimekko with a lighter touch.   It made sense.  She’d studied design, … Continue reading

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The First Week of the New Year: Get Yourself Ready for Tomorrow

The new year finds me writing a piece about the entrepreneur’s journey, a kind of parable.  It’s turning out to be a longer piece than I originally intended.  But as I write this parable, and as I remember and relate … Continue reading

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Alex, a before-sucess Story

To me, a good story is a useful story. So, as an antidote to overly crafted success stories, I look for the stories that tell of the before-success, before the hero attains stature, before the story covers over the protagonist … Continue reading

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