Beaver Time Retreat

On Sunday I am departing for a nine day retreat, mainly a silent one of meditation and reflection.  One of the requirements is that we turn off all electronics for the entire retreat.

What time is it when all the electronics are off?

Good question….

As I prepare for my journey, I’d like to share this poem with you.

See you when I return – from beaver time.


Beaver Time

The beaver,
at least the one I saw
in the pond
by accident
a year ago,
was surprisingly small,
making waves,
after a time,
head up,
getting back
to work,
as if to say
“well you’ve delayed me
long enough”
“I’ve decided you aren’t as dangerous as you look
so I’ll get back to work.”
Then work he did!
As if I had crossed into Shangri-La
or awoken in a magical place,
I watched the beaver swimming back and forth,
eating, moving twigs, diving for something several times
and time passed I think
from my time to “beaver time”
a clock-less, tick tock – less time,
a silent time,
with only light and dark
signing change,
not a wrist watch or iphone or
even a paper calendar.
I was suspended in Beaver time and space
and felt free for however long it took
to do whatever the beaver was doing,
plop, slap, nibble, splash, more waves
in an otherwise calm and hidden pond.

    – Walt Sutton

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One Response to Beaver Time Retreat

  1. Chris Bedford says:

    Walt – it’s been years since we’ve connected. I was just referring you to a friend when I stumbled upon “beaver time”. It made me think of the vision quest I did years ago. No phone, no electronics, no books, no distractions. And no food, no water nor people for three days. But I did spend hours observing a beaver going about his daily routine. Your poem made me smile and reflect. Enjoy your beaver time. – Chris

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