walt's stories

Down the Colorado
The Colorado, or Psychoanalysis by River…a wild trip down the Colorado changes everything. Based on two trips down the Colorado River in 1991 and 1993. read the story

A Man and His Schtick
Based on a visit (and speech) to the USC Graduate School of Business in 1996. The big moment comes when the old man is asked to teach lessons to students. read the story

Dream Maker & the Money Tree
The world of being a Platform Speaker from behind the platform, under the platform, in the bar far away from the platform. read the story

Talking Stick
The king is dead, long live the king. Our facilitator meets the king. read the story

Going to the Mayo
A band of old guys take physical stock and get all kinds of answers. read the story

How Much is Enough
A consultant asks questions whose answers are too much, even for him. read the story

A Boost
Where we learn that compromise is anything but a cop-out. read the story

Welcome to the Travel Corridor
A traveler’s tale based on a thousand experiences, each notably less pleasant than the last. Who would have ever guessed that business travel would come to this? read the story