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Since 1996, Walt Sutton has interviewed more than 15,000 successful CEOs from around the world.

These men and women have shared with him what they won’t tell outsiders about their lives, likes, dislikes, and what it really takes to do the job.

These experiences, coupled with those from his own career, act as the foundation for his speaking, writing and consultation practice.

leap of strength

Leap of Strength
by Walt Sutton

A personal tour through the months before and the years after starting your own business. (April 2000 published by Silver Lake Publishing Company)

What does it take to start a successful business? So many good ideas fail within the first year; a few unlikely ones take off into quick success.

Having the right capital structure is important. Concept and timing are critical.

But the psychology of the person at the helm is what separates most winners from losers.

This book explores that psychology. It is a gut check for anyone considering one of life's greatest adventures.

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