coaching situations

ceo statements

do these sound familiar?

The following is a sampling of statements about coaching; each is fictionalized to hide the client identity but authentic in substance.

Business is varied and diverse but these represent some of the more common situations that Walt’s coaching clients have experienced.

my team doesn't have a clue

We hit the jackpot; our business is going to triple in size this year.  I think I know what to do but my team doesn’t have a clue, I need to talk to someone about this.

I need to get the team ready for something bigger than they have ever faced before.  I need to get myself ready too.

high expectations

I buy businesses for the long haul.  

I need the advice of a business insider to help me make good choices about what to buy, who should run these businesses and how each one can help me achieve my goals. 

I have high expectations for my investments and even higher ones for my life.  You do that, right?

i need to be ready

I am on a three-year path to be the next CEO of this company. 

My father isn’t the best teacher.  Also he is very busy running the company so he doesn’t have time to hang around with me to give me the help I need. 

I have a lot to learn, probably more than I know. This is the fast track but he says he is stepping down in three years and I want you to help me get ready. 

I want do a good job from the beginning.

partner problems

I am one of two partners in a business that has had early success, big success by my standards.  Only we aren’t getting along very well and I don’t think he has a clue about really running a real business.

I need help figuring out what to do and eventually I think we need help in figuring out the business. 

I love the money but don’t have any idea how long this honeymoon will last… not that I am complaining!

oil and water

I am a son of a bitch working for a son of a bitch. 

We are like oil and water. He is the pie-in- the-sky owner from hell and I am a hard-nosed, not-too-patient hired CEO. But for now he needs me and I need him. 

I need advice about how to live in this nasty relationship and yet keep the business moving. So far so good, but I am afraid one of us is going to screw the whole thing up and we both loose big time. 

Two years, that’s all I need is two years then I can get out, he gets out and we all have a little money – what can we do to make that happen?

go out with a bang

I have the greatest job in the world, no kidding. This is my third CEO assignment, I am 52 and as I see it – five years and I am done. 

I am one of four presidents working inside a multinational behemoth with lots of money to spend and great products manufactured superbly at good margins in stable markets. 

We are growing organically and by acquisition and I am having the time of my life.

That’s why I want you involved. I want to make what is already amazing - the homes run of all home runs.

I want someone to help me have the greatest five years of an already wonderful career. I want to blow out my numbers each year, make elegant acquisitions, build a happy management team and go out with a bang.