the fraud


My first day as CEO was both exciting and terrifying.


Indeed. Most CEOs I’ve interviewed share that experience.

There are some who feel that it is just business as usual, at least until the sky clears and they begin to see what the job really looks like.

One thing for sure, its not like other jobs.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but you know, I really just fell into the job.


Why embarrassed?


Well you read about these people who have MBAs and have climbed the ladder of success.

Hell, I was just the last guy standing!

There was a big blow up, the smoke cleared and and our CEO was gone. Then the owner asked if I would take the job, one, two three.

I feel like a fraud most of the time.


Well, you aren’t a fraud!

You are doing the job, so there’s a start. Also it might interest you to know that most CEOs didn’t set out in their careers to become CEOs.

Most of them are just like you - sort of accidental CEOs.

It just happened to them, while marching down a seemingly normal career path, a door opened, or an opportunity happened or, as in your case, someone got fired and “poof” - welcome to the C suite!

Amazing isn’t it?


Is that what happened to you?


In a way. It was 1972, I had a great corporate job in Seattle. One day my boss told me that to take the next step up the org chart, I needed to move to Chicago immediately.

The following week I quit. A month later I started my first business - in Seattle.

Just like I said, "poof".