more coaching questions

how do you know what i want or what my goals are?

Until you and Walt meet and talk, he doesn’t presume to know what you want. Although Walt has worked in the CEO community, talking to thousands of CEOs for seventeen years now, each CEO and each business, like each individual, is unique.

So when you and he talk, you will both learn what your trajectory looks like, you will name it, you will question and confirm it and as you continue your conversations, you will soon see the goals that you will need to attain to achieve your vision for success.

is there a coaching model you use or a method that you use as a framework?

No, Walt doesn’t use a formulated method or structure.

“Good to Great” (for example) is a good book, but the lessons of the book don’t apply to everybody. Furthermore many of those good ideas are not viable options to many CEOs or businesses.

Take for example: the idea of “get the right people on the bus”. Well it certainly is a good thing if it happens, but very few people know how to actually get the right people on the bus; nor does every business have the resources to do it.

If yours is a family business and your sister-in-law is the vice president of finance, and she owns twenty-five percent of the stock, you are going to have to succeed with her on the bus whether you think she qualifies as a “right person” or not. Life and business do not fit into prescribed formulas.

Walt is a dedicated life-long learner. Building on his personal experience and CEO research, Walt is a voracious reader and researcher in Economics, Business, Psychology, Sociology and Education.

His writing and learning experiences are integrated to develop and advance best practices as a coach, teacher and business leader.

Specifically his approach to coaching is unique to each CEO, developed and applied uniquely to the CEO and his or her situation.

As opposed to relying on a limiting “model”, Walt works with you at the center of the process, building your vision from the inside out, from what you have and what is available to you out towards a business that is better, stronger, more reliable, and self sustaining.

As you work together with Walt to strengthen your business, you will also be improving your CEO skills, your performance, and your ability to envision and lead.

One of those improvements may include hiring a good Human Resource person who can “get the right people on the bus”. But that would be an outcome of your work together, not the result of a fixed scheme.

The only coaching structure you will follow is your participation in the ongoing generative coaching conversations through which your skills and your grasp of the world in which you operate your business will develop and grow.

how do i find out more?

Email or call Walt to talk and meet.

To start, you will need to talk about coaching, your journey, current circumstances and experience. You will want to discover if coaching will suit your needs and if you feel Walt is the coach who can help you on your journey.

There is no charge or commitment for this introduction. Walt has met and worked with a lot of amazing people — he will enjoy meeting you too.