questions about coaching

why would i want a coach?

Because having a coach is the surest and fastest way to get to where you want to go.

There is no more reliable method than to keep company with a teacher who has been where you want to go, who has seen how others have gotten to where you want to go, and who has taught many people how to get to where you want to go.

but most people don’t have coaches - the whole ideas seem a little excessive. can’t i just do this myself?

Yes, perhaps you can. The idea, however, that you have come this far by yourself is probably not true.

There is a mountain of research about learning and development that scientifically demonstrates that we have many teachers in our lives, although we may not label them as such. As we progress and encounter a problem, we often learn important ideas from others about how to solve this problem, assuming that these people and answers are available when we need them.

Every top tier performer in sports, dance, art, theater, music, and many more in business has one or more coaches or mentors to help them perform better and to achieve their potential.

Walt’s coaching relationship with a client is akin to traveling with them, not unlike a tour guide in uncharted territory. Walt has been to the bazaar before - he knows how it works. But neither of you knows for certain what is going to happen today as you plunge into the maelstrom of noise, crowds, smells and excitement.

As you try to navigate your way through for the first time, it’s a comfort to have a traveling companion and experienced guide who knows the bazaar as well as Walt does. But more importantly, it is a distinct advantage when the stakes are high and so much can hang on the success of your journey.

Is it expensive and how do you charge?

The cost is a reasonable monthly retainer, a fixed payment each month for the duration of the coaching relationship.

You can stop at any time. There are no extra fees. Walt intentionally limits his practice to 20 clients.

what do i get for my retainer?

As a client in Walt’s exclusive practice, Walt gives you one-on-one coaching sessions and continued contact and support.

We will try different frequencies and methods meeting and talking, and settle on the right mix for your needs. Typically this amounts to a half day face-to-face meeting each month plus Walt’s availability for email, phone calls or other support between meetings.

Some of his clients live and work thousands of miles away. In these cases Walt and his client typically meet once every other month in person for a half day or a day with video sessions between the face to face meetings.

In all cases Walt is available to answer questions, discuss issues, or help in any way he can whenever his clients need his help, or just want to talk.

He limits his practice size so that he can be available to support his clients when they have questions, surprise issues, or even emergencies.