walt's process

Call it what you want (coaching, advising, consulting); Walt and his clients work together, creating a generative conversation whose primary focus is the growth and development of the CEO in the world.

walt brings...

What Walt brings to the table, first and foremost, is his experience as a 65+-year-old four-time CEO, his learning from an around-the-world odyssey interviewing over 15,000 CEOs, thousands of hours in one-on-one coaching sessions, and a visceral, hands-on understanding and appreciation for the CEO’s job.

work together

Walt’s clients bring vision, ideas, issues, questions and, together, put all of this to work in a conversation.

The work is interactive, specific to you and your company’s needs. You and Walt test theories, ask questions, pose problems, do experiments, try different models, and test your experience against the expectations, mistakes, and successes of thousands who have gone before you on the CEO journey.

In every session, on every issue; you and Walt are striving for progress and excellent outcomes.


Although each CEO is different, Walt’s coaching process typically involves face-to-face sessions on a regular basis, at least monthly. These sessions are supplemented with shorter conversations between scheduled sessions.

If you are facing a crisis or have a question, what’s the point of having a coach who isn’t available to help when needed?

Walt’s practice is structured to give his client CEOs plenty of time and access between sessions. This means he is available for phone conversations, email exchanges, text messages, or any other form of “staying in touch”.

beyond borders

A world traveler and global citizen, Walt works with CEOs from North America, South America, Europe and Australasia.

He brings a unique blend of tough and resourceful American entrepreneurialism mixed with international experiences, an understanding of cultural dynamics and a complexity to navigate the nuances of international business.

He coaches several CEOs whose business have a global footprint, and many CEOs who live beyond Vancouver, Canada (where he now resides) or Los Angeles (where he travels monthly to coach).

Adept at using a combination of technology and travel, Walt and his international clients work successfully with and across the global stage.

confidential & committed

As a matter of principal and policy, all information you share with Walt - about you, your company and your working relationship with Walt is held in the strictest confidence.

Walt limits his practice to an exclusive number of CEO clients. This focus ensures he has the resources to devote to each client he makes a commitment to: time to coach, to stay in touch; and to be available for emergency help when needed.

As your coach, that's Walt's commitment to you.