how it all began...

Walt Sutton wasn't born an entrepreneur. "It just happened," he says. "One day I was gainfully employed and the next day I decided to start my own business."

"I studied International Finance at the University of Washington, but only lasted three years in the corporate world. In those days, large corporations were run like ant hills and I just couldn’t stand it."

This began a 23-year run during which Walt started, owned, grew, and sold four different successful companies. He employed over two thousand people, lived well, achieved financial goals he never thought possible, and was careful not to miss any of the CEO perks.

Then, one day, he’d had enough. He and his wife Deborah moved to the country to try and figure out what was missing.

He started the search by taking a couple of years off, writing a book, Leap of Strength (published by Silver Lake Publishing Company), and then traveled around the world working with and learning from thousands of extraordinarily successful and sometimes happy CEOs.

What began as a journey of discovery turned inward and in time, the ex-CEO who ventured out returned as a teacher and coach.

“It has been an amazing odyssey.” Walt has coached over 100 CEOs and MDs, facilitated more than 1,200 programs, interviewed more than 15,000 CEOs and many thousands more key executives in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Central and South America.

Since 1994, Walt has devoted his career to helping successful men and women to build better businesses and richer lives. The one big thing he discovered? Business is a subset of life, not the other way around.

Today, Walt coaches CEOs, engaging them in a one to one generative conversation about their development, success, and wellbeing.

Walt is routinely quoted in the business and general press on matters relating to the CEO life, business, success and entrepreneurship. He has been referenced or quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, Engineering News Record, Fortune, Business Week, and many other newsletters and publications.