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Your Life as a CEO & Your Life as a Key Executive are workshops that scale from an intimate group of 6 - 14 people to a packed hall with hundreds participating.

This is the chance for CEOs or Key Executives to share experiences, ask interesting and difficult questions, hear amazing stories, define roles, and grapple with the “real reasons” we do what we do as human beings who just happen to lead businesses.

retreat to go forward

Retreat to Go Forward is a chance for executives and their partners to push the pause button on busy lives.

Participants embark on three hours of discovery, laughter and learning, all centered around learning from the ancients through the cognitive revolution of the last 30 years.

“Retreat” refers to getting away. “To Go Forward” refers to an exploration that looks forward, working in a relaxed, but energetic environment.

“I wanted to cheer for myself,” said one executive as she shared appreciation with her retreat group in Taos, New Mexico.

This workshop uses science, appreciation, shared experience, dialogue and spaciousness to do the heavy work, life’s work.