reconstructing humpty-dumpty in north america

By their own admission they had gotten it wrong.

Three years of planning and preparing for a game changing investment, this North American construction company was going to break away from the crowd and step way out ahead of the rest of the pack.

They imagined this scenario, they planned it as only engineers and construction executives can, then set the wheels in motion.

Just as they made the major commitment, millions in capital, legal fees, acquisitions—the recession gutted them and many of their customers.

When they called Walt, the mandate was "can we put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and if so, how?"

He designed and lead two, four-day meetings held in the midst of this emergency (this company's parent was threatening to abandon the whole construction division).

The first meeting was a deep and difficult assessment of "where are we now and what do we think that means".

A month later the senior team of 20 senior executives came back together to devise agreements and plans for "building to daylight" as the CEO put it.

They did and are well past this crisis, in daylight, and challenging again for industry leadership.