discord in china

A large international manufacturer was experiencing the perfect storm.

After a decade of successful manufacturing in China and selling and distributing their furniture products around the world, prices for raw materials started to soar and Chinese wages were predicted to increase over 50%.

Factories in China had a plethora of market choices and this client was facing the specter of a civil war. The manufacturer’s customers were refusing the price increases as internally, the rest of the organization looked at what was happening with their Chinese partners with shell shocked stupefaction.

Everybody was angry and paralyzed.

Walt designed a week-long meeting near the Chinese factories, bringing together all the key players from both sides to try to reunify the organization and plan for the inevitable changes which were taking place.

One of the executives described her experience, saying, "When I arrived, I hated those people. When I left, we knew we could take on the world again— together. We are not separate groups: we are China; China is part of us. Yes, prices will rise and yes, wages will too, but we know how to do this, and we're ready for whatever happens."